Beyond Sacrifice: From Lent to Launch

Lent is meant to be a season of preparation in which God prepares us through prayers/devotions, sacrificial giving, and fasting for greater works of ministry by revealing to us more of who God has made us to be, how much God loves us, and is for us, and the work God has for us.

Understanding & Claiming Who You Are in 7 Weeks

As we enter this Lenten season and journey toward Easter, we invite you to join us each week as we embark on the traditional practices of Lent. Whether you participate in person or online, your presence is welcome! 

Join Us Each Week
Sunday Worship: Join us in-person, online, and on the radio at 11:00 am. 
Address: 216 E. Highland Ave., Elgin, Illinois 60120

Facebook Live & YouTube Stream

Tuesday LIVE Motivational Moments: Tune in as Pastor Felicia LaBoy delivers bible study and reflection LIVE on YouTube every Tuesday from 12:10-12:35 pm CST. The Motivational Moments will also be recorded and made available on demand through our social media pages and our website.


We’ll cover the following themes: 

  • Week 1: Claiming Who You Are
  • Week 2: Cultivating Faith
  • Week 3: Fostering Freedom
  • Week 4: Embracing Grace
  • Week 5: Re-membering Covenant
  • Week 6: Opting for God’s Path
  • Week 7: Divine Surprises: Not Who or What You Expected

Check out our weekly ministry guides and follow along!

Not able to join us? 

Here are a few other ways you can participate in the Lenten Season. 

Fasting: Embrace the spirit of sacrifice this season through fasting. Consider giving up something meaningful, whether it's a specific food like chocolate or a behavior like social media, TV time, or gossip. Consult your healthcare professional before making any dietary changes.

Some also choose to do a Daniel Fast, inspired by Daniel, Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego's fast in Babylon, involving not just abstaining from certain foods but also incorporating prayers and devotions. It's a wonderful way to deepen your connection during this time."  For more on the Daniel Fast, go here:

Sacrificial Giving:  Go beyond your usual tithe and offering, as a gesture of gratitude for Christ's sacrifice, and consider making a special offering.  Contributions will be collected on Easter Sunday in person, or you can consider giving online!

Give Online

During Lent, some choose to set aside a daily amount, while others save money by forgoing certain foods or activities to contribute. Your generous gift, whatever the amount, is truly appreciated and will support the church's ministries.