The River


  A river is a metaphor for life, for time, for strength, wisdom, cleansing, refreshment, and peace.  At First United Methodist Church THE RIVER is a place and occasion to examine all of those themes (and more) in the light of Christ, articulating them through music, biblical interpretation, and personal reflection.

   The multi-generational River Band borrows from contemporary Christian music both old and new as well as blues, rock, Americana, R&B and country and any other genre through which the spirit works. 

   An informal, participatory worship experience, 
THE RIVER meets in the First United Methodist Church sanctuary on Saturdays at 5:00 in the evening.       


   Stacey Monroe        Henry Honshul            Renee Carlson
   Bret Pritchett          Phil Broxham               Noah Zuniga
   Robert Horn           Rick Carlson