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Sunday School

Chris & Cindy Palm

Sunday School Is Back!!

   After being away for 15 months, we will resume the adult Sunday School class this Sunday, July 25th. It’s been a long time, so it will be good to get around the table and engage in stimulating and thought-provoking conversations.

   This past year has been one of the most collectively challenging years we’ve had in our lifetime. 

   Together we’ve endured three life-changing events. One of these events alone would have been difficult to overcome. But we’ve survived all three…all at the same time.

   So please join us this Sunday as we sit down for an informal discussion on how these events changed you, shaped your life, and impacted how you see and live in the world. The class will be divided into three separate discussions:

Week One: The Pandemic

Week Two: The Impact of George Floyd

Week Three: The Election and Capital Riot

   We’ll talk about how each of these events made you feel, the changes you made as a result of them, and anything else you’d like to unburden as we move towards a new era. We will approach these subjects from a faith perspective and use the Bible as a resource of how we should respond and move forward as Christians. While these subjects can create a lot of emotion, we are hopeful that we all can approach this conversation with an open mind and in an adult manner.

We will be meeting in the Wesley Room right after the service. 

The class will begin at 10:15.  Cindy and Chris Palm will lead this class.