Day Two: The Breath of God
June 7, 2022, 6:00 AM

Experience, Expect and Engage the Holy Spirit
Week #1 - The "RUACH" of God

The Breath of God
Genesis 2:7

What is missing in this verse? The Holy Spirit is missing, right? No, wrong. The Spirit is not missing at all. The Spirit is right there.

The Hebrew word is RUACH. That word is the single Hebrew word we translate as Spirit—spirit, breath, and wind. This is the single most dominant description of the Spirit throughout the Bible and in our current series.

The Spirit is the breath that animates your life. No breath, no life. Please note this, the Spirit of God animates all human life. The breath of God animates all of us. Without the Spirit, there would be no human life. “In him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28).

Be sure to look at Job 27:3, 32:8, 33:4, 34:14–15 for striking insight as to the breath-Spirit of the Lord that is the essence of life. Each has a sense of wonder and dependence.

The word inspiration suggests this as well. When you are inspired you are “in-spirited.” The Spirit is in you. The Spirit is moving in you. That is what Spirit-wind does. It moves and it moves you. When you are inspired, you feel so full of life.

REFLECT & PRAY: Take a few minutes, close your eyes, get away from all the noise, and just breathe slowly. Inhale and exhale. With each breath realize you are full of the breath of God. The Spirit is your life. Be still. Be quiet. Be filled with the breath-Spirit of God.

Repeat this several times during the day. As you fall asleep, do this as well.

A Prayer to Use Throughout the Day
Holy Spirit, fill me with the breath-life of God. Animate me.
Holy Spirit, be the wind that moves me as and where you want.
Holy Spirit, inspire me in the way you know I need to be inspired.
Holy Spirit, fill me, move me, inspire me. I am yours.

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