Day Four: Create a Clean Heart
June 9, 2022, 6:00 AM

Experience, Expect and Engage the Holy Spirit
Week #1 - The "RUACH" of God

Create a Clean Heart
Psalm 51:1-12
Ezekiel 11:14-25, 36:22-29

In today’s Scripture verses you will see a recurring pattern. It is the pattern of sin that leads to terrible consequences. Then God works to overcome the power of sinful hearts. God promises to renew the Spirit that is in them.

Psalm 51 is about David after he committed adultery and murder. These are profoundly moving words. He knows how great his sin is. The

So far you have seen that the Spirit gives us life, the Spirit grows us to fullness and maturity, the Spirit revives us when life is faltering, and the Spirit creates holiness and virtue in us. Today you will see that the Holy Spirit empowers us with wisdom and skills.

There are two biblical case studies. The first is Daniel. While I have provided the core verses to look at, you can skim passages in Ezekiel are to the exiles, about the sin of the nation, and about what God will do to restore them.

How you live matters. It matters a great deal. Never let anyone tell you God is not concerned about how you live, the choices you make, and the good or bad you do. Sin and holiness matter to God. They matter to the Spirit, who is, by the way, the HOLY Spirit (see Romans 1:4), not the loving Spirit or the good Spirit or the patient Spirit, although the Spirit is all those things and much more. Fundamentally, the Spirit is holy, holy, holy. And sin grieves the Spirit and quenches the Spirit (more on this in coming weeks).

Sin hinders and limits the creative life, the renewing breath, the reviving energy that is the Spirit. Sin depletes, drains, and destroys you. Sin is the antithesis of the Spirit when it comes to life.

Here is the paradox. Sin hinders the Spirit, but we need the Spirit to hinder sin. What are we to do when we sin? Here is our need. We are to immediately do what David delayed doing. Repent. Confess. Mourn. Pray for renewal, restoration, revival, breath, and the fresh wind of the Spirit to blow again in your life.

Your Prayer for Today
Take the words of Psalm 51 and simply pray them. You can pray only them, or you can use them as the stepping stone to pray your own prayers. While God will not “take the Spirit from you,” you can pray for the Holy Spirit of God to fill you and change you.

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