April 24 All Church Conference

Re-Connect, ReImagine, ReBuild, Resurrect

Why Change?

   Seven weeks ago, we charged the Resurrection Core Leadership Team (RCLT) to determine what it would take for FUMCE to be a vital faith community. Like other churches, the pandemic laid bare the points where our ministries were rigid, vulnerable, and out of sync with the times.

   Right now, the RCLT has challenged us to be bold. Because of their work, we have changed our vision, mission, values, belief, and church structure to meet the needs of the people within and outside of our church. The same prayerful diligence used to make these changes was used to determine a new Sunday worship time, either 10:00 or 10:30 am, and a slate of new leaders.

   Please be present at the All Church Conference to make your vote known either in person or via Zoom.

   If you cannot attend the April 24th meeting, please call 224-325-4171 and leave a voicemail as to how you would like to vote:
 One (1) vote for a new time, either 10:00 a.m. or 10:30 a.m.
One (1) vote to accept or not accept the recommended slate of leaders.

   Please note that there will be only one (1) vote per member. You will have to call yourself to vote (i.e., parents can't vote for children). Also, if you vote via phone, your vote will not count if you are present either on Zoom or in person.

ZOOM Link & Dial-in Information:
Meeting ID: 825 9415 6353
Passcode: 762646

Dial-in #: 312.626.6799
Meeting ID: 825 9415 6353
Passcode: 762646