March 2018  
Guys Stuff
Chris Palm

Guys Stuff meets on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm in the East Conference Room

Starting January 17, 2018
New Study “The Trouble with the Truth”

Beneath our differences about the values that should define our culture is a real disagreement about what is true.  Those who hold to the traditional beliefs of the Christian faith find themselves at odds with a culture that no longer believes there are universal spiritual or moral truths that apply to everyone.  This six week study explores the truth - why it’s in trouble, what the culture tells us about it, and why the church is so confused about it.  We will examine the essentials about truth and grace, understand the differences between a cultural worldview and a scriptural worldview, and discover how to be instruments of real influence and transformation in our time by following Jesus’ example.  If you have been thinking of joining us, now is the perfect time.