The United Methodist Church has teamed up with four other global organizations in the fight to eradicate malaria from the African continent. Malaria is a completely preventable disease; malaria–related deaths are down from more than 1,000,000 in 2007 to 627,000 in 2012. Malaria is being beaten by the distribution of insecticide–treated mosquito nets, by finding more ways to get life–saving health information to more people, by running hundreds of hospitals and clinics that treat malaria sufferers, and by training and equipping local health workers in Africa to educate their communities on how to avoid contracting malaria. For more information, visit

FUMC's UMW has taken the lead in coordinating FUMC–Elgin's efforts to meet its three–year pledge of $10,000 to the Imagine No Malaria campaign. UMW continues to work to fulfill its mission to help support women, children and families around the world by raising awareness of the problem of malaria in Africa and of the possibility of eradicating malaria, and by sponsoring numerous fundraising events. For more information on the United Methodist Church and the Northern Illinois Conference's efforts in the fight against malaria, visit the Northern Illinois Conference's website.