Bach Around the Clock

March 3, 2018
9:00AM to 9:00PM

   In March of 2018, the Concerts for a Cause Ministry of the First United Methodist Church of Elgin will host Elgin's first Bach Around the Clock festival to support the Ecker Center for Mental Health and to celebrate Bach's 333rd birthday.  The church will host a 12 hour concert of Bach's music performed by area musicians and vocalists.  The performances will begin at 9:00AM and conclude at 9:00PM.  And, yes, there will be cake!

   Bach Around the Clock is celebrated in several cities around the country.  Our event is meant to recognize the genius of Bach and the amazing musical talent found in the Fox Valley while supporting our neighbors who struggle with mental illness.

   All performers will be volunteer and will receive an all-day pass to the concert plus other amenities.

   A registration form is below.  If you are interested in being a part of this special celebration, please complete the form and submit it to the Concerts for a Cause Ministry.  After your form is received, someone from the Ministry will contact you.

   Thank you!

   The Sanctuary at FUMC has a 7' Steinway Grand Piano that will be used during the festival.  The Sanctuary also holds our Austin Pipe Organ which was built in 1924 with 20 ranks.  It was rebuilt in the 1960's and expanded to 40 ranks with 3 manuals.  The organ was upgraded in 2006 to 60 ranks of pipes with the addition of 150 digital ranks.  The digital pipe ranks are powers by 1600 watts of power driving 37 speakers strategically placed thought out the sanctuary.  The Rogers 4 manual organ work with existing pipe work and has an auto tuner that makes the digital pipe sounds follow the tuning of the pipes.  This also applies when using one of the 1,200 midi sounds available.


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